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The Uhge Calibre Hollowness Wall Winding Pipe Production Line

Applicant:The line is used for extrusion of PP-R, PEX or PE-RT pipes. PP-R pipe are non-toxic, heat-resistant.It can be easily welded by hot-melting method and recycleable. PEX pipes have excellent temperature resistance character. PE-RT pipe does not need the cross-link process.

Properties & Advantages£ºThis line consists of high efficient extruder, high torque gtearbox, new type slotted barrel, LTM high efficient screw and features high output, low melting temperature. This line can produce PP-R,PP-B pipe with high speed. The products produced by this line have been approved by China State Chemical Test Center and reaches the ISO DIS 15874-22-98 standard. The PE-PT and PEX pipe are up to Germany DIN 16892/3 standard. This line is assembled lattice or spiral mould. Two section vacuum calibration unit and spraying cooling bath. After simply changing the mould, it also becomes possible to produce ABS,PP composite pipe.

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