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PE/HDPE/PVC Double-wall corrugated Pige Proudction Line

PE/HDPE/PVC large dia. double-wall corrugaed pipe is a new-type plastic tubing with the annular rippe on the outside wall and the smooth structure on the inner wall. Compared with other structures of non-conventional wall tubing, its weight is much lower than that of even wall tubing or concrete tubing at the same annular stiffness due to its excellent design of tubing wall structure. It is easy to connect and construct. The cost of tubing can be decreased by a large margin and it can increase the competitiveness of tubing market. It is popular and applicable generally abroad and it has greatly substituted the traditional concrete tubing and other structure wall tubing. With the further deepening of the state capital construction, large dia. double-wall corrugated pipe will be more widely used in the departments of city planning, water conservancy and post and telecommunications, etc. due to its superiority and vitality.

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